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Mounting Kits

Our mounting kit consists of a bracket, a pocket milled encapsulated coupler and stainless steel fasteners.

EMS specializes and uses 303/304/316 stainless steel but will quote all materials. All brackets are made from various thicknesses of plate and sheet and bent on a state of the art press brake with critical specified tolerances achieving quality and precision. We never use tubing because the tolerances and quality is not as acceptable for use in our mounting kits.

Additional Info

All items in a kit are individually marked and imprinted with our numbers using a micro percussion marking tool. For an additional charge we can mark tags and hardware with your part number upon request for fast and easy reorders.

We also package your kit and label it with our kit designator, your purchase order number and your part number (if required) for fast and easy identification upon receipt.

How to Order

To order Mounting Kits or request more information, call us at 704-821-7325 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, email us anytime at, or complete our contact form.

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