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Our Waterjet CNC cutting system provides a unique service of cutting a wide range of materials with a highly pressurized water stream. CAD/CAM (computer aided design manufacturing) technology is used to control the cutting of difficult two dimensional artistic shapes, notches and inside corners to precise specifications. An abrasive may be added for cutting more difficult material such as metal, stone and laminate.The cutting process involves no heat and does not harden or distort the orginal material. This “cutting” edge service is economical for anyone with an imagination or an idea looking for a solution.

Materials cut by Waterjet include: nickel alloys, brass, stainless steel, all rubbers, copper, aluminum, ceramic tile, glass, fiberglass, all plastics, fabrics, titanium, granite, marble, and paper.

How Does It Work

The waterjet cutting head is a nozzle with a sapphire crystal orifice through which water is forced at three times the speed of sound by a high pressure pump. The movement of this nozzle is determined by the computer’s instructions. The customer may supply their own material or we can source and provide the materials needed.


  • No heat affected zone
  • Minimal edge finishing
  • Minimize scrap
  • Cuts any shape
  • No warpage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prototyping without tooling charges

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